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Welcome to Heart and Soul Celebrant

My intention is to make your ceremony all that you want and more. Whether it is a Baby Naming, Wedding ceremony, Renewal of Wedding Vows, Hand Fasting or Funeral, I am there to help you to choose the content, decide on any symbols or rituals and express what has to be said.
The video clip below gives a flavour of who I am and the work I do:

Baby Naming

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A Baby Naming Ceremony is like a baptism, but is a civil ceremony, not specifically religious and can be carried out at any location.

When a child is brought into this world, it is important that we give them all the love and support that we can. Throughout time people have held ceremonies to mark the introduction of a baby into their community and to nominate friends or relatives to pledge support and guidance for that child throughout their life.

Your Baby Naming Ceremony gives you the opportunity to do exactly that for your child; to officially welcome them into your community of family and friends and, if you wish, to appoint specially chosen people to act as ‘Good parents’ or perhaps ‘Guardians’. Their role is to promise to love and support your child in the best way they can, particularly when you are no longer around.

The style of the ceremony can be varied depending on how you want it to be. If there are young families involved a more informal occasion might be more appropriate with activities for the youngsters. If this is your first child, or the people attending will be mostly older, you might prefer a more formal occasion. It’s up to you!

The location will most likely reflect the style, so a living room, garden, park or local hall for a more informal gathering and maybe a rented venue for a more formal ceremony. I am based in Olney, so locations covered include North Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

There are numerous options for symbolism in the ceremony, for example through chosen readings, significant items you might want to include within the ceremony, or actions to be taken by those involved directly. Whatever you decide, I want you want to be comfortable that you are doing what feels right for you in order to make this a happy and memorable occasion.

Renewal of Vows


In celebration of a good marriage you may find you wish to honour the occasion by renewing your vows. In a Renewal of Vows ceremony you can make your own vows to each other, choose your own music and incorporate any symbols or rituals that you feel would add meaning and make this a special event.

You may wish to gather close family together at home, or widen the invitation to include friends as well, hosting the event somewhere special. Based in Olney, as an independent celebrant I cover Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton, Wellingborough and the surrounding area. Wherever you choose, as a civil celebrant I can help you to select the vows you want, include the gestures and mementoes that mean something special to you and help you both to make your Renewal of Vows a memorable occasion.

Hand Fasting


Hand Fasting is an ancient form of wedding ceremony and includes your own vows to each other and the symbolic action of tying your wrists together with a personally woven ribbon. Further rituals can include drinking together from a loving cup and eating special cake, jointly lighting a candle or pouring sand.

Whatever words, music or actions you want to take can be blended into the service in order to make something that fulfils your wishes and has significance for you and everyone else involved.

Milton Keynes has its own stone circle known as the Medicine Wheel . Built on 'sacred' Green Space, the stones are aligned with the earth's natural powerful energies making this a special place for ceremonies such as Hand Fasting.

Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire also have historically and spiritually significant locations which you might want to consider using, or else the ceremony can be celebrated at your home or in a location that suits your needs. Wherever you choose, together we can make sure that this is a meaningful and memorable event.


Valley Sunset

When someone dies there is a lot more to be sorted than we usually realise, so it can be a relief to find someone who is helpful and sensitive to support with planning and then delivering the funeral service.I will sit down with you and go through the important aspects of the funeral service, ensuring that you are happy with each stage. For some people they prefer not to talk, so I capture the knowledge and fondest memories of their loved one, combining them into a eulogy for the service.
If there are family or friends who want to say something themselves that is wonderful and it can be included. Also, in the background, I will be there to help them if they find that it is more difficult than they had expected, to speak on this occasion.The whole service is designed to reflect how you wish it to be, with the music, readings and story you believe will best reflect the life of your loved one.


Valley Sunset

Based in Olney, my work is usually in the, Crownhill crematorium in Milton Keynes, the Norse Road crematorium in Bedford, or the Counties Crematorium in Northampton.

Other locations include natural burial grounds - Green Burial Ground in Olney and the Woodland Burial Trust in Keysoe.


“… you did a wonderful job of sensitively encapsulating what mum meant to us. Other family members, friends and neighbours commented on the service and were like-minded in their praise. Thank you once again for ensuring this emotional event was conducted with great dignity and sensitivity.” ">

JS, Milton Keynes

“Thank you, Naomi, for the lovely service you gave for mum yesterday. It was so comforting to celebrate mum’s life, but with enough solemnity to mourn her passing. Everyone said what a good job you did. Thank you again.”

CT, Northampton

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help with dad's service, I never realised there was so much to organise I would have been lost without you and the service was exactly as I imagined. Thank you so much.”

M, Milton Keynes

“I would also like to mention what a wonderful manner I thought you had during our emotional meeting. I can completely understand why you are doing the job that you are. Your disposition is wonderful and perfect, especially at such a difficult time for the family.”

DB, Bedford

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